Our mission is to provide customized, comprehensive services for the entire family system. 

When a loved one is given a diagnosis, the family can be impacted greatly.

Caregivers especially experience heightened levels on interpersonal, instrumental, emotional, and existential stress. The day-to-day requirements of raising a child with a disability can trigger a host of feelings: grief and loss, anger, resentment, anxiety, or even depression. However, we cannot stress enough the importance of caregiver mental health. Think of this analogy:  As a parent, you are a pitcher of water. Your emotional and psychological wellbeing is the water inside it. Your child, is the cup. If you don’t make sure that you have enough water in your pitcher, how can you fill your child’s cup?

 Caregivers are not the only ones affected. Siblings may also need help in processing their own experience of having a sibling with a diagnosis. They may demonstrate acting out behaviors, internalize stress observed in the family, struggle socially or academically, or feel depressed or anxious about life with their sibling.

Additionally as many of our young clients get older, they may experience increased levels of co-morbid anxiety or depression.  They may start to notice there are differences about them that lead them to struggle academically, socially, or emotionally. As these clients transition from adolescence into early adulthood additional challenges may arise, such as the need for increased independence, or moving out of the family home.

 At PCBH, we take a multidisciplinary approach in assisting you with making positive changes in your life. Experienced practitioners (including Licensed Clinical Psychologists, Licensed Clinical Social Workers, and Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists) use a variety of best practice therapeutic techniques, selecting interventions that are goal and action oriented to help you find solutions to everyday difficulties.

Areas Where We Can Help

Who Can Benefit?

  • Interpersonal communication skills

  • Marital issues

  • Stress management

  • Grief and Loss

  • Anxiety and excessive worry

  • Anger management

  • Self Esteem

  • Resolving depression around personal stressors

  • Health and wellness

  • Difficult developmental transitions

  • Family conflict

  • Specific Phobia

  • Adolescent issues 

    (social pressures, academic difficulties, bullying, difficulty with family)

  • Individuals

  • Couples

  • Families

  • Children

  • Adolescents

Currently these services are only available in the greater San Diego area.

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