What is a Diagnostic Evaluation?

A diagnostic evaluation is a process in which a Psychologist uses a combination of tests and clinical observation to arrive at some hypotheses about an individual and their behavior, personality and capabilities. Diagnostic evaluations may also be referred to as psychological assessment, or psychological testing.

The Diagnostic Process​

At People’s Care Behavioral Health (PCBH), experienced Licensed Clinical Psychologists use a variety of standardized tests to identify diagnoses such as Autism, Attention Deficit and/or Hyperactivity Disorder, Anxiety, and Depression. Our diagnosticians conduct a thorough review of skills and deficits across multiple domains of functioning, including development and cognition, behavior, and social skills. In addition to assessing multiple domains, our diagnosticians consider information from multiple sources (i.e., direct testing, observation, parent questionnaires, teacher questionnaires, etc), and gather a thorough case history. The diagnostician integrates this information together into a report, complete with recommendations.

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